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Centennial recognises your busy life – and the need to save time wherever you can. That’s why we introduced our pick up and delivery service. Now you can experience the un-compromised quality of all Centennial services – by having our driver visit your home or office to pick up your garments or furnishings and deliver your order back at the agreed time.

Should you not be available, we can arrange to pick up your order from a designated place on your property and return it completed to the same place. With your authority, we will bill your transaction direct to your credit card.

The Centennial pick up and delivery service is in operation Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is no pick up and delivery service on Saturday and Sunday or public holidays.


1. You fill out a once-off form either online or via hard copy with your details and payment information.

– Download the Colour PDF form here
– Download the Printer-friendly B&W PDF form here


– Complete the Online form here

2. The Centennial pick up and delivery service is tailored for your convenience. If you live in a house and have a secure and dry location that we can pickup from and drop back to, then you do not need to be home. If you would prefer us to meet yourself, a nanny or a cleaner for example, that can be arranged based on our service route for that day. If you live in an apartment, we generally would work with the doorman or concierge and have a central point/person we deal with. In secure buildings where access can only be granted by the resident, and no doorman or concierge is present, it is crucial that we be given access to pickup and deliver your garments. In cases where you are happy for us to leave garments hanging unattended on your front door, we can do that also. The Centennial Pickup & Delivery drivers will not enter an unattended residence.

3. We then enter your information into our pickup and delivery service system, and will follow your directions. If you would like a once-a-week pickup and delivery on the same day, that can be arranged. If you would like to be on-call, you simply nominate that on your sign-up form and we wait for you to call or email us. We prepare a Centennial Pickup and Delivery bag and personalize it to you. None of your personal details will be on the bag/card other than your name. We request you only leave your garments in this bag, as it is weather-proof, personalized and we know it is yours. Should you require more than one bag, we can also arrange that for you.

4. Where the Centennial drivers are unable to effect a delivery or pickup as per your request (for example if nobody is home to take possession of your garments or nothing is left out for us) we will leave a “We Missed You” card and request you contact us to reschedule. If we are not authorised to leave garments unattended at your location, we will return your order to Centennial Dry Cleaners, 506 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay when the van returns to base.

5. Please leave a note attached to any garment that requires special handling such as repairs, alterations, where you know what the stains are, or special garments requiring additional care such as our Deluxe Hand Finished Service.

6. If you need your garments processed in a time frame faster or different to the regular services, you are at liberty to drop your Centennial Pickup & Delivery bag to Centennial Dry Cleaners, 506 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay and we will deliver when the orders are completed.

7. The Centennial Pickup & Delivery service area is currently limited to a radius of approximately 8km from Centennial Dry Cleaners 506 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay. We will publish new information on expanded service areas as we action them. Currently the Centennial Pickup & Delivery services Rose Bay, Dover Heights, Bellevue Hill, Vaucluse, Watsons Bay, Bondi, Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, Double Bay and Point Piper.


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